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About us

Shanghai Protin Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and as the oversea sales subsidiary company of Kinry Biotech(Jinan) Co.,Ltd. in the field of food enzymes and natural food preservatives.

As the oversea sales subsidiary company,we has established the exclusive cooperation with our factory Kinry Biotech (Jinan) Co.,Ltd. to exporting world advanced products such as Biobond® series enzyme preparations, Kingard® series preservatives, and Kinzyme® Liquid enzyme preparations. 

Shanghai Protin Biotech Co., Ltd. always adheres to customer centricity, quality as life, innovation as driving force, and win-win as the goal. The company will continue to be committed to the development of biotechnology, providing customers with higher quality products and services, and making greater contributions to achieving higher quality food.




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