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Nisin(Kingard® 700)

Nisin KG700 (also known as Streptococcus lactis peptide) is an antibacterial peptide with natural biological activity. It is a safe and efficient polypeptide active substance, which is extracted from the Streptococcus lactis fermentation product by biological technology.


ApperanceLight brown to milky white powder
Potency(IU/mg)     ≥ 900
Loss on drying (%)≤ 3.0
Sodium chloride,w/%      ≥ 50
Pb / (mg/kg)   ≤ 1
Total aerobic microbial count/(CFU/g)   ≤ 10
Coli form bacteria/(MPN/g)   < 3
Escherichia coli/(MPN/g)  < 3
Salmonella in 25gNegative


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